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Ми підтримуєм в серці багаття,
«огень» той іде поміж нас!
Нe лягає у землю завзяття,
Пише Леся і знав це Лукаш!

Ми умієм, моzкалю, кохати…
Наші Мавки і Мотрі в борні.
За своє будем гідно стояти,
Майже так, як колись Кайдаші!

Добрий вечір! Ми всі з України!
В нас культура і мова жива
Наша нація – міць і родина!
Не страшна нам, москалю, війна!


Olha Khodatska,
specially for the project “Ukrainian literature in comics”

Creative interaction with the online catalog

The purpose of the cultural and artistic project “Ukrainian literature in comics” is to develop the reading interests of students in grades 9-11 of the Higher Secondary School of Ukraine, their language competence, flexibility of knowledge of Ukrainian literature and language through creative interaction with the online catalogue “Ukrainian Literature in Comics” (second part). With the help of graphic visualisation of the plot, the historical era, plot, customs and traditions of the people of Ukraine are highlighted.

Ukrainian literature is one of the least known to English-speaking readers, so the English-language version of the online catalogue will help to introduce Ukrainian literature as a part of Ukrainian culture in a creative way that will arouse interest in the works of Ukrainian writers.

Olha Khodatska
A PhD (Education, Pedagogy), a teacher of Ukrainian language and literature at Kyiv boarding school No.13
A methodologist-correspondent at the Institute of Postgraduate Education of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, a member of the Ukrainian Association of Writers of Fiction and Social Literature and the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine
Nadiia Hrachova
A co-founder and Head of the NGO "Space of Innovative Solutions and Technologies"
An expert of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. A member of the Ukrainian Film Academy, the CCI and the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. A mentor (Creators Fund Season 3) - Deutsche Welle akademie
Olena Cherkun
An illustrator, a designer, a blogger
An author of an illustrated story about the experience of resettlement "Khtus and Home". An author of the YouTube channel "Olenka Namalyui" for illustrators and artists. A co-author of the podcast "Lustra" about illustration and freelancing
Background Background
The project was created with the assistance of the UCF
The Ukrainian Cultural Fund contributes to the creation of a developed ecosystem of culture and creativity in Ukraine, which enables the generation and dissemination of new meanings and common values in society, and also contributes to the preservation of cultural heritage and the development of Ukrainian culture in the context of current world trends.
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